Monday, February 11, 2008

Thanksgiving Cruise

I've finally decided to sit down and start back up on my blog so I decided to start where I left off. So here are a few picturese from our cruise from over

thanksgiving! We went to Puerto Villarta for our first stop where we did a canapy zip line tour and all had so much fun. We got to take a crazy trip in a Unimog, ride donkeys up a mountain, went flying through the trees, and repeling down waterfalls.
Then we went to Mazatlan where we went and spent the day on the beach and got to ride horses. Here is a picture of some sail fish that we saw when we were getting back from the beach, I tried to tell my Dad that I caught it but I guess its not too convincing since I didn't even want to touch the fish! After that we went to Cabo were we went over to the beach and walked around the city.
We had fun on the ship laying by the pool, playing games, going to shows and night and eating at the buffets pretty much all day long!! It was so great getting to spend the week with Ryan's whole family! I'll try to keep playing catch up this week with some more pictures from December.