Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I had a interview on Tuesday at Burke Williams Day Spa and things went really good so on Wednesday I got to go back for a second interview. For massage, a second interview means actually massaging someone while the person hiring stands in the room staring at you. It was pretty awkward and I felt like I did awful but after the massage the lady said I did great and it seemed like I had been doing this forever. So up next is a phsyical test and then passing the city test for my license. But as long as I pass all the tests then I have the job! I'm really excited about it because it will give me a chance to see how a spa is run and I'll get some great experience and learn a lot. The only bad part is its in Orange at the Block, which isn't too far but there is one in Mission Viejo that is like 10 minutes from us. Overall though I was pretty impressed with myself since this was my first real interview ever and I pretty much was amazing...just kidding! Here are just a few random pictures from this weekend when we went ice skating, I just thought it made it more entertaining!


I finally figured out how to post pictures, so I decided to put some of us carving pumpkins the other night with our neighbors Kim and Brian. We kinda cheated and used a stencil, but I thought that the tree was pretty cool. Ryan even scrapped the inside of his pumpkin by himself which was actually a big deal because last year he made me do it because he thinks its gross. I'm pretty sure my turned out the best, but that might just be because its mine. Tonight we're just going to stay home and hopefully we'll have some Trick-or-Treaters...otherwise I'm not sure what I will do with all the candy! I'll post more later when I have more time, I have lots of pictures that I can put up! Oh and we were having a contest with our neighbors to see who made the best pumpkin vote on your favorite!