Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Tonight at around midnight I was minding my own business putting away some clean clothes when out of the corner of my eye what did I see?!  A HUGE DISGUSTING COCKROACH!!!!!!!! It was awful! It just sat there looking at me at the door to my room so I madly looked for something to kill him with. I grabbed a magazine off the desk and I hurried and threw it at it. Not sure what I thought that was going to do, but I couldn't get close to it. As I'm screaming the roach ran off under my couch. I called Ryan FREAKING out. Of coarse he would be out of town when I had an emergency!!! He told me I had 2 options, move the couch and kill it, or just go to bed. The first option sounded awful and impossible but the second was even worse. No way was I going to go to bed while that thing was crawling around laying eggs everywhere and spreading disease! After ten minutes of talking to Ryan about the best plan of attack and completely being terrified I grabbed the broom and tried to get him. Karma at this point was totally worried. She was confused why I was panicked and throwing pillows around! 
I moved the couch and there it was. I was screaming and hitting it with the broom while Ryan was on speaker. I hurt it enough with the broom so I had time to put a show box over it and then smash that with the broom. Ryan was trying to figure out what had just happened because all he heard was screaming and commotion! I was pretty sure that the neighbor was going to come and knock on the door thinking that I was being attacked! After being sure that it was dead and smashing the shoe box down a few more time I started to calm down. 
I knew I had to clean it up but knowing that it was now dead I was okay. I was going to be very calm, move the box and just clean it up. I got off the phone with Ryan telling him I was going to be fine now and got out the paper towel. I picked up the box and was fine when I saw the roach..until its gross hairy leg started twitching. Then it tried to crawl away...I had completely smashed it and there were guts everywhere and it was somehow STILL MOVING?!?! I lost it...I started screaming again slamming the box over and over on it....and I'm pretty sure I even yelled "die" at one point. I really didn't mean to scream again, I was going to be calm! I managed to then get it into the shoebox, into the trash, then straight down to the basement..I couldn't have it in the apartment!!! Karma and I are now sitting on the couch together, she is pressed up next to my leg shaking..poor thing!
I can take care of other bugs and creepy crawlers...I don't know what it is about cockroach's, I just can't handle them. 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My 23rd Birthday

When Ryan asked what I wanted to do for my birthday he offered to take me out to a nice dinner and a show on Broadway, even though that sounded really fun, I said no. 
What I really wanted to do was go to a Yankee game and have a hot dog for dinner :)

On the subway on our way to Yankee Stadium

In a sea of Blue
Their new stadium is so nice! And they have to most gourmet food for a baseball game!

Sporting my Yankee's gear! I wanted to wear my Angels jersey and a Yankee hat to show that although I do support the home team, Angels will always be #1 in my heart! So, I had my jersey pulled out ready to wear. When I went to go get dressed it was mysteriously gone! Ryan told me I wasn't aloud to wear it and knowing that I wouldn't listen to him he decided he would hide it from me!! 

It was so much fun being surrounded by crazy  New Yorkers! They really do love their Yankee's!

My birthday treat--A chocolate peanut butter shake!! 
Karma was trying to help me blow out my candle

 My new spin bike that Ryan got me! I was wanting something that I could do at home when it was either too hot or too cold out and also when he's out of town something that I can do at night! I'm really enjoying having it, but my butt hasn't gotten used to it yet-So soar!!

It was such a fun birthday! Even though the Yankee's lost we still had a blast at the game. And I decided that it probably was a good thing that I didn't wear my Angel's jersey because on the VERY crowded subway ride home they were hekeling a girl for wearing a Twin's jersey!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Central Park & The Met


On Friday night we met up with Nathan & Heather who were in town for a wedding. We went to Bobby Flay's restaurant Mesa Grill. The atmosphere was so fun, and the food was great!


Karma met a new friend who was as playful as she is

She's the submissive type- she ALWAYS rolls over for other dogs, its a little embarrassing! 

I love everything Buddha! This statue was so neat with the coloring on it. We did get yelled at though for taking a picture with the flash on!

The art exhibit on the top of the roof- it was all made out of bamboo and has trails that you can take a guided tour though!

Such a great view!

Sunset from the top of the met, it looks over the park and the city

City lights

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Canal Street Shopping

I decided to be brave and venture down to Canal Street on my own this week! It was quite an adventure. I took the subway down to China Town and had no clue where I was going when I got off! I started walking and once I saw people walking towards me with those classic black plastic bags I knew I was going in the right direction. I wandered up and down the streets in and out of the little shops looking at all the purses, sunglasses, scarfs, I  NY gear (you can get literally anything with the logo on it!), and so much more! I stopped at a table to look at Buddah statues and was asked if I wanted a glass pipe as he was opening up a container to show me them he quickly whispered "I got the good stuff, you want some" ..umm no thanks! I found (and bought) a cute black purse for $35 that I got down to $25! I wasn't looking to buy anything (even though I did), I was just on the search to find where they sell the really good knock offs so I would know for future trips! I wasn't having any luck! Everyone says that they have the best ones there and so many but I wasn't finding any! There seemed to be way more in LA at the garment district! As I was about to give up on the purse hunt I started to figure it out. I found myself in the "scarf" room of a large shop with mysterious little rooms all covered up just walking around to find the exit. I found the Chanel purses! They weren't the best knock offs but at least I was getting closer! That was until they started saying "hurry, police are coming, hurry" and started closing all the doors and rushing everyone out! I kept walking and was in the back of another store when the lady asked if I wanted Juicy or Chanel...after checking up and down the street for cops and having her "lookouts" on the street she opened up a locked cabinet to show me the goods! The Juicy bags weren't what I was looking for so I asked if she had any leather. After waiting a few minutes for the coast to be clear she hurried and opened another locked cabinet and ripped open a bag with a Chanel leather purse in it! I only got to hold in for a few seconds before she had to hurry and put it away so the police wouldn't see it! From what I got to see the quality was pretty good but I didn't buy since I didn't really get a chance to check it out...and had already bought a black purse! Walking back to the subway I finally listened to the voices I had been ignoring the whole day..the shady guys on the street saying "Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton" I asked what they were selling and the snuck me a laminated card with pictures of Louis Vuitton bags for me to look at. I followed him across the street (I'm pretty sure to avoid the cops) so we could talk. I wanted to get a small wallet because I actually have been wanting one and also so I could see the quality but unfortunately he didn't have any! He started calling to his other friends but I didn't want it that badly so I just walked away! I got back on the subway and even found a quicker way home! Now I feel a little more prepared for when visitors come and want to do some shopping! 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The BIG move!

When my mom and I met up with Ryan in New York on Monday (April 19th) our stuff was supposed to be there. Of coarse, it wasn't!! Our furniture didn't arrive until Friday so we had the whole week with an empty apartment and nothing to unpack! We managed to find some stuff to keep us entertained and also got a little shopping for the apartment done.

The Tonight Show
We were walking past the Ed Sullivan theater and saw that you could sign up for a lotto for free tickets to the show. We went in and signed up and got a call back an hour later that we had won the tickets! We got the run down on what to expect/do form the (overly) enthusiastic CBS interns and heading in for the show! It was pretty fun watching how it was filmed and seeing inside the Ed Sullivan theater. We found out how lucky we were to have gotten tickets so quickly...most people around us had signed up 4 weeks before and just got a call that afternoon! The guests were Demi Moore and the owner of Momofuku restaurants 
(step back Momofuku, you don't know me like that!)

The Today Show
We went down one morning to check out the set! We didn't stay too long because we couldn't bring Karma into the gated off area but we got to see them all outside and could even look through the windows to watch them in the studio.

The Rainbow Room

Thursday night we went to see "Promises, Promises" on Broadway. It was SO GOOD! We had the best seats and got to watch Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth sing their hearts out!

We found a Target!!
Its all the way up in the Bronx and in a little bit of a sketchy area but its so worth it! 

Bringing home all of our treasures on the subway

Before the movers came...

Getting ready to take inventory

The moving truck

After to movers left...

So happy to have her furniture back-she didn't understand where she was supposed to sit in the empty apartment because clearly she doesn't belong on the floor!

Refusing to work..

Boxes, boxes, boxes...Where is all of this stuff going to go!?

Around the town...

I took karma for a walk in the rain and then shopping at Michael's--she didn't like either!

Ryan taking me to his favorite place to eat, the Shake Shack

Long Island
Saturday we took the train out to Long Island to see Ryan's Uncle, Aunt and Grandma. It was nice to get out of the city for the day and great to see everyone and catch up!

Out to dinner for some BBQ--it was so good!

We're enjoying living in the city and exploring all the fun things to do and see!