Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Tonight at around midnight I was minding my own business putting away some clean clothes when out of the corner of my eye what did I see?!  A HUGE DISGUSTING COCKROACH!!!!!!!! It was awful! It just sat there looking at me at the door to my room so I madly looked for something to kill him with. I grabbed a magazine off the desk and I hurried and threw it at it. Not sure what I thought that was going to do, but I couldn't get close to it. As I'm screaming the roach ran off under my couch. I called Ryan FREAKING out. Of coarse he would be out of town when I had an emergency!!! He told me I had 2 options, move the couch and kill it, or just go to bed. The first option sounded awful and impossible but the second was even worse. No way was I going to go to bed while that thing was crawling around laying eggs everywhere and spreading disease! After ten minutes of talking to Ryan about the best plan of attack and completely being terrified I grabbed the broom and tried to get him. Karma at this point was totally worried. She was confused why I was panicked and throwing pillows around! 
I moved the couch and there it was. I was screaming and hitting it with the broom while Ryan was on speaker. I hurt it enough with the broom so I had time to put a show box over it and then smash that with the broom. Ryan was trying to figure out what had just happened because all he heard was screaming and commotion! I was pretty sure that the neighbor was going to come and knock on the door thinking that I was being attacked! After being sure that it was dead and smashing the shoe box down a few more time I started to calm down. 
I knew I had to clean it up but knowing that it was now dead I was okay. I was going to be very calm, move the box and just clean it up. I got off the phone with Ryan telling him I was going to be fine now and got out the paper towel. I picked up the box and was fine when I saw the roach..until its gross hairy leg started twitching. Then it tried to crawl away...I had completely smashed it and there were guts everywhere and it was somehow STILL MOVING?!?! I lost it...I started screaming again slamming the box over and over on it....and I'm pretty sure I even yelled "die" at one point. I really didn't mean to scream again, I was going to be calm! I managed to then get it into the shoebox, into the trash, then straight down to the basement..I couldn't have it in the apartment!!! Karma and I are now sitting on the couch together, she is pressed up next to my leg shaking..poor thing!
I can take care of other bugs and creepy crawlers...I don't know what it is about cockroach's, I just can't handle them. 


Karen said...

The laughing tears are still running down my face!! What a picture you described!
Bob's mom told the story of when she lived in the city ... she said when someone in the building painted .. the cockroaches changed colors! All I can say is BUG SPARY :)

Chelsea said...

I have lots of bugs here in the south... but that cockroach is HUGE!!!

Royal said...

It's the crunch! That's what gets you!! Sorry you have unwanted guests! Definitely bug spray!

Jill Skouson said...

Eeww!!! I would have acted exactly the same way! When we lived in St. George, we occasionally saw cockroaches in our apartment. One awful awful night there was two in our bed! George woke up with one crawling inside his shirt and a few hours later I had one crawling up my arm. They weren't anywhere near as big as the one you killed looks-- keep that broom handy!

Susie said...

Gross, gross, GROSS!!! There is definitely something about cockroaches!!!

Debbie Bond said...

LOL, LOL, LOL, I can just see (and hear) you yelling "die sucker die" Actually it was very brave of you. I would have moved!!!!