Sunday, May 23, 2010

My 23rd Birthday

When Ryan asked what I wanted to do for my birthday he offered to take me out to a nice dinner and a show on Broadway, even though that sounded really fun, I said no. 
What I really wanted to do was go to a Yankee game and have a hot dog for dinner :)

On the subway on our way to Yankee Stadium

In a sea of Blue
Their new stadium is so nice! And they have to most gourmet food for a baseball game!

Sporting my Yankee's gear! I wanted to wear my Angels jersey and a Yankee hat to show that although I do support the home team, Angels will always be #1 in my heart! So, I had my jersey pulled out ready to wear. When I went to go get dressed it was mysteriously gone! Ryan told me I wasn't aloud to wear it and knowing that I wouldn't listen to him he decided he would hide it from me!! 

It was so much fun being surrounded by crazy  New Yorkers! They really do love their Yankee's!

My birthday treat--A chocolate peanut butter shake!! 
Karma was trying to help me blow out my candle

 My new spin bike that Ryan got me! I was wanting something that I could do at home when it was either too hot or too cold out and also when he's out of town something that I can do at night! I'm really enjoying having it, but my butt hasn't gotten used to it yet-So soar!!

It was such a fun birthday! Even though the Yankee's lost we still had a blast at the game. And I decided that it probably was a good thing that I didn't wear my Angel's jersey because on the VERY crowded subway ride home they were hekeling a girl for wearing a Twin's jersey!


Karen said...

Happy to hear you enjoyed your birthday .. would loved to have spent it with you!! Go Yankees!!

Susie said...

It so distrubs me to see you in Yankee gear- I really don't like it at all!!!