Thursday, May 13, 2010

The BIG move!

When my mom and I met up with Ryan in New York on Monday (April 19th) our stuff was supposed to be there. Of coarse, it wasn't!! Our furniture didn't arrive until Friday so we had the whole week with an empty apartment and nothing to unpack! We managed to find some stuff to keep us entertained and also got a little shopping for the apartment done.

The Tonight Show
We were walking past the Ed Sullivan theater and saw that you could sign up for a lotto for free tickets to the show. We went in and signed up and got a call back an hour later that we had won the tickets! We got the run down on what to expect/do form the (overly) enthusiastic CBS interns and heading in for the show! It was pretty fun watching how it was filmed and seeing inside the Ed Sullivan theater. We found out how lucky we were to have gotten tickets so quickly...most people around us had signed up 4 weeks before and just got a call that afternoon! The guests were Demi Moore and the owner of Momofuku restaurants 
(step back Momofuku, you don't know me like that!)

The Today Show
We went down one morning to check out the set! We didn't stay too long because we couldn't bring Karma into the gated off area but we got to see them all outside and could even look through the windows to watch them in the studio.

The Rainbow Room

Thursday night we went to see "Promises, Promises" on Broadway. It was SO GOOD! We had the best seats and got to watch Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth sing their hearts out!

We found a Target!!
Its all the way up in the Bronx and in a little bit of a sketchy area but its so worth it! 

Bringing home all of our treasures on the subway

Before the movers came...

Getting ready to take inventory

The moving truck

After to movers left...

So happy to have her furniture back-she didn't understand where she was supposed to sit in the empty apartment because clearly she doesn't belong on the floor!

Refusing to work..

Boxes, boxes, boxes...Where is all of this stuff going to go!?

Around the town...

I took karma for a walk in the rain and then shopping at Michael's--she didn't like either!

Ryan taking me to his favorite place to eat, the Shake Shack

Long Island
Saturday we took the train out to Long Island to see Ryan's Uncle, Aunt and Grandma. It was nice to get out of the city for the day and great to see everyone and catch up!

Out to dinner for some BBQ--it was so good!

We're enjoying living in the city and exploring all the fun things to do and see!


Susie said...

We have been waiting and waiting for pictures!!! Love the picture of Karma looking out the train window- I will not show dad the pic of Karma all wet- he would be very mad at you! Now we need pics of the apartment all settled! Miss you guys!

Chelsea said...

I can't wait to come see you guys! Whenever we move I always look at it like an adventure, and what better place to have an adventure than NYC!

Lindsey Pinegar said...

FINALLY! I still think you should blog everyday about what you did...I think your stories are entertaining enough! I can't believe you got all those boxes unpacked and put away in your tiny apartment...we can't wait to come see it! We're missing you terribly in California, it's just not the same without you! Can't wait for Gracie and Karma to play together!

Karen said...

Yeah !!! You posted! I love seeing the adventure step by step ... Everyday looks exciting ... keep posting :) love and miss you two ..