Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Playing in the city and Long Island... August

 Ryan's cousin Trina was in town from Georgia so her and his Aunt Michelle came into the city one rainy afternoon

Learning how to eat a crab...but mostly just playing with our food!

At Gilgo enjoying the beach and even winning an intense game of buck dice!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chelsea Pier in August

Someone that Ryan worked with told him that he should go to Chelsea Piers so for weeks whenever we were trying to think of something to do he would always suggest that. He didn't actually know what was there he just knew he needed to go. I had to work on a Saturday so he came and met me after work and we walked from Murray Hill towards Chelsea

Sights along the walk

We finally made it!!! It is a pretty cool spot--lots of activities to do including the four story driving range

Taking Karma to the dog park one afternoon

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Panama City Beach, Florida

We started out August with a trip down to PCB to visit Karen while she was fixing up the house down there. Ryan grew up spending his summers down in Florida so he was excited for my first trip to the beach house. 

Kayaking in the bay behind the house

Crabing--another first for me--after a day at the beach! I was so excited when I caught one

Out to dinner at Pier Park at Margaritaville

Photo shoot on the dock

A very stormy day at the beach

Last day in Florida soaking up all the sun and sand we could

Friday, December 3, 2010

New York in July

We came back home from California in July to a hot sticky summer! I was pretty miserable until we got air conditioning in our apartment (our living room got up to 93 degrees!) Once we had a place to escape the heat we had fun exploring the city and heading out on the LIRR to Long Island for beach days.

The bottom left picture is from one night when we had run out to the store around the corner...when we left our doorman told us that there was a storm coming and that we should probably stay in. I really wanted an orange and we had to walk karma anyway so we decided to go quickly before it started raining. I had no idea how quick storms move out here! It didn't take long for the thunder and lighting to give way to pouring rain. Needless to say our doorman didn't look to happy with us when we ran back through the door looking like we had just jumped out of the pool! 

Ryan's old room mate Brandon and his wife Brittany came and stayed with us for a few days. I had time off while they were in town so I got to show them around a site see along with them during the day. We went to ground zero, saw the stock exchange, walked across the brooklyn bridge, ate good New York pizza, rode the Staten Island ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island..just to name a few things! It was so fun having them here, we love visitors!