Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Get Fit 5K

This past Saturday Ryan and I ran a 5K race in Placentia with my Dad and had a lot of fun. My dad had been planning on running the race for a while but me and Ryan didn't decide for sure that we were going to run it until the night before so needless to say we weren't prepared at all!! But it was still really fun and I was just proud of myself that I finished it because as I'm sure you all know I am not a runner at all. We got up at 5:45, drove down to my parents house to get ready for the big race (3.1 miles, I know that doesn't sound like much though!) My mom made us all oatmeal and as it was almost done I noticed little black things crawling around in the oatmeal jar so after our second attempt at breakfast we were off the park. About .01 miles into the race Ryan and my Dad took off without me (which was ok because thats what I wanted them to do, I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up!) They stayed together until about the last mile when Ryan's competitive side kicked in and he just wanted to beat people! So he finished up first then my dad and so they were there with my mom waiting for me at the finish line. As I came around to the last strip Ryan came and ran it in with me. Oh and I was so excited about my number, 999! I just thought that it was a cool number to get and Ryan didn't understand why I was so excited about it! Thanks for having us run with you Daddy, we had a lot of fun! Maybe next time I'll be able to keep up with you!

Here is a cute picture with Trixie being very photogenic, right as I took the picture she stopped and looked right at me as she posed...it was so cute!


Susie said...

I was proud you finished too! Dad loved that you came to run with him-next year you'll beat your time by lots!

Chelsea said...

how fun! too bad we couldnt come, dan is still training and wants to do a few runs.

Mandy said...

How awesome!!! I so wish I could have been there....I would have ran with you the whole time!!! We will have to find another one to do! They are kind of addicting! Trixie is such a dorky dog, I only feel safe saying that since mom has already checked your blog!