Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hooray for Hollywood

Me and Ryan decided the a few weekends ago to be total tourists. We started out our weekend on Friday night going to Disneyland. Our passes were about to expire so we decided to go one more time before then
We went to California Adventure and hit all the good rides and barley any lines. It was the perfect time to go, except for some reason we thought it was going to be cold and we were kinda wrong about that!!
This is me in line waiting for the new Toy Story 4-D ride. It is awesome, next time you're at Disney you have to go on it!! It takes you to a bunch of different games of shooting and aiming and throwing, and I totally killed Ryan! At the other Buzz ride he always like triples my score so I was so excited to beat him!

I have lived in California for *almost* my whole life but yet had never done any sort of Hollywood tour. So on Saturday we drove down to LA and did the whole tourist bit. We walked around Hollywood Boulevard, went to Gramens Chinese Theater, and finished off the day doing a Hollywood Stars Tour. It was so much fun! You never realize how much stuff is so close to us. We went around in a bus and got to go up Mullhulland Drive (Where lots of stars live), see the Hollywood sign, learned all sorts of interesting things about the stars and their homes, Rodeo Drive, and all the exciting sights in LA, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. We were the only people on our bus that were from California, I'm sure people were trying to figure out why we were there!

An overhead shot of me down on the streets

I love Tim McGraw!!!

Here is Snow White's star just for Linz!

Looking out over the city

I was so excited about doing the hand prints at the Chinese Theater, I had never actually been there and been able to go and see them. It was way smaller than I had imagined but I had fun walking around trying to decide who to take my picture with.
I decided Will Smith just because he is amazing!!

Ryan took his picture (only because I wasn't going to leave until he did) With Roy Rogers, and I'm pretty sure that it was mostly because he had even put his gun in the cement!!

I also took a picture with Judy Garlands and learned that we had the exact same size hands! But her feet looked tiny so I didn't even try!

After we finished up with our tour we drove over to Kat Von D's tattoo 
shop, High Voltage. Me and Ryan are huge fans of the show, and I'm not going to lie- she is kinda my hero. We were so excited to find the shop so we got out of the car and ran over to take pictures. Then when I looked through the window I realized that none other than Kat Von D was in there doing a tattoo!! I wanted to go in and just pretend that we wanted to get a tattoo so I could see the inside but Ryan wouldn't let me. I think he was worried that when we got in there they would say "sure we have time right now" and we wouldn't know what to do and just end up with tattoos that we didn't want! (Or maybe he was just embarrassed that we had been out front taking pictures!)

It was such a fun day acting like a tourist and trying to see all the stars. If anyone is here and looking for something to do I would definitely recommend trying this out!


Michael said...

You guys have been all over, and I'm a little jealous. I haven't really gotten to know Hollywood, either. I've been there, but never on a tour. Next time I'm in town, I'll have to do it. Also, I'm very jealous that you saw Kat's shop. She makes us all want tattoos.

Chelsea said...

Dan and I did that when we were first married and it was so fun!

sandi said...

Hi: You should have gone in. Everybody else does -- lots of tourists -- buying t-shirts. That's what I did only because I wanted to get a shirt. I was surprised to see Kat in there working.

Mandy said...

How fun! I love all the pictures! And what's wrong with one little tattoo????

Anonymous said...

this looked like so much fun!! just sad i couldnt be there, just tell me you didnt go to the ivy, then i would really be jealous. i love that you took a pic with tim mcgraw...thats my girl!!!

way to go mandy!!! nothing wrong with just one!

Susie said...

I would love to see Kat's shop- dad has forbidden me to ever go there though!

Mickelle said...

I love your expression outside Kat's shop. You've got more than a little of your mom in you -- and that's a great thing!