Monday, November 12, 2007

This Weekend

This weekend we stayed at my Aunt Marcia's house with Kenzie and Cooper while they were gone. We pretty much spent the whole weekend playing the wii! It was so much fun, our favorite games were Guitar Hero and Bowling. Ry was way better at guitar hero but I kill evertone at bowling, my high score was 207! The best part was watching my parents play guitar hero, I was impresses with how quick they picked it up. Today I'm leaving for Utah to go visit my sisters leaving Ryan home alone. So I'm sitting at the airport waiting to board the plane and decided I would post a blog. I'll be honest most of the reason was just to see if I could do it from my iPod! But I'm excited to see my sisters and my nieces this to go know or I'll miss my flight!


Susie said...

I keep forgetting you are keeping a blog now!! Thanks for coming up tonight- We loved seeing the pictures of the cruise. And Guitar Hero is the BEST!!!

Diane said...

Hey look who posted on her blog!! I'm happy to see some entries. It was fun to read through and do a little catching up on cute Whitney! I'll have to check up on you more often!