Friday, May 30, 2008

Welcome Logan!

Logan Joseph was born on Friday May 23rd and both him and Chelsea are doing great. I was so sad because everyone was up there that weekend except for me and Ryan! With it being so close to the wedding I wasn't able to take off any time to go up there before then. Ryan went up to Utah on Tuesday for work so he was able to stop by and meet the new "little guy" which of coarse made me a little jealous that he got to see him before I did! Emma told me on the phone that he is so small and cute and she would help Ryan hold him and tell him not to be scared because even she had held him! So here is a picture of Emma helping Ryan hold the baby! Congrats Dan and Chelsea, can't wait to meet him!


Susie said...

Ryan was so brave to hold him! What a cute picture of him and Emma too! I'm so sorry you couldn't be there to see him- soon though.

Chelsea said...

i was so proud of ryan, he held logan for like an hour!