Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our 1st Anniversary

I can't believe that it has already been one year! This past year has been so great and we both absolutely love married life. Ryan is the best husband, he is so patient and understanding, I am so lucky to have him!! Since we celebrated over the weekend we just had a simple night out and went down to the beach

We decided to go with the traditional anniversary gifts and year one is paper. I made Ryan a "love notes" book. The idea behind it is that we can leave each other little notes and it is something that we'll be able to keep forever to look back on.

Ryan got me a children's book called "Guess How Much I Love You" It was a really sweet present.

Here are the flowers that Ryan got me, they are so pretty and our entire apartment smells like roses!

Since me and Ryan ate the top tier of our cake on our first month anniversary I decided to make German Chocolate cupcakes for tonight. That was the flavor on the top layer of our wedding cake, they turned out good but not quite as tasty as Beverly's Best!

We have really enjoyed our first year of marriage and are looking forward to many more years and memories together


Susie said...

I can't believe either that it's been a year! Cute post- we love you guys!

Dana and Chase said...

oh how fun!!! i cant believe you have been married a year! it was so good to see you whitney!!! you looked beautiful!!!

Michael said...

Wow, Whit, you really have updated the blog a lot since I last checked. Don't worry, I'm adding you to my google reader, so I'll always be up-to-date. Congrats on the one year anniversary.