Saturday, September 20, 2008


Since Mom posted about Emmie's life in writing I thought that I would blog her life in pictures. Here are just a few of my favorites that I found.

November 1995-September 2008

Emmie loved napping by the fire in the winter

Emmie loved her babies to pieces!

Laying out enjoying the sun and working on her tan

Emmie and Trixie were always so cute playing together

Napping on the couch, she was almost as big as me but I think I still wanted her to be able to sit on my lap!

Emmie dropping me off for 6th grade camp

Emmie always loved the sheep skin doll dog toys, she would go running to find it when you asked "Where's your baby?" and want to play tug of war..she never did get the dropping the toy or ball thing to play fetch!

Relaxing in the pool, could life get much better than this?

Peek-a-boo! Emmie and Missy Roo loved to play together, she would even drag her across the kitchen floor with Roo's head in her mouth-not sure how Roo let that happen but she seemed to enjoy it!

Getting toweled off after a few laps in the pool, spoiled dogs don't have to shake to get dry!

Playing in the front yard with Trixie

Whoever said that cats and dogs didn't get along never met Emmie and Missy Roo!

Emmie was such a good big sister to Trixie who loved to sleep on top of her. Emmie would even let Trix do this in the car when she was a puppy so she could see out the window too!

Mom and Emmie cuddling on the couch

Her favorite place to be

Taking a nap, Emmie loved to be up on the couch sitting on you..It was a sad day for her when she realized she was too big to sleep on Dad

A picture with ALL the girls

Emmie loved Christmas day, there was always so much going on and so many new things to smell.

Lindsey giving Emmie some loves

Linz (sporting all leopard print) saying goodnight to the dogs

Emmie always enjoyed a good party, new people to meet and a chance to score some food!

Mandy and Jon at Christmas

Meeting Emmie-we were so excited when Mom and Dad came home with a new puppy, I think it was the best christmas present ever! I especially lover her gingham bow

Emmie loved to stand on top of the rocks and look over the backyard, she didn't like going down the slide though!

Meeting her new cousin Dodger, they loved playing and wrestling. He soon outgrew Emmie in size but they were always excited to see each other.

Wrestling with Roo-Kitty

I used to love coming home from school and playing with Emmie

Snuggling with Emmie and her baby

Resting after wrestling

First day of school 1996

When I got the call from Dad this afternoon that Emmie was going to be put to sleep I didn't know if I wanted to be there but I knew that I needed to go say goodbye. Its been a hard day but I just keep telling myself that she was in pain and it was time. She had a good life, as anyone can tell by the pictures, and she will be greatly missed.


Chelsea said...

I'm glad you were home to say goodbye for all of us, thanks for all the pictures.

Susie said...

Those are the sweetest pictures Whit- thanks so much for putting them up. I know how hard it was for you to be there, but Emmie loved you so much and I'm happy she went to sleep surrounded by people who loved her too.

Susie said...

I forgot to say how happy I am that Ryan got to be here the last few months- Emmie loved him to pieces! It's the first time ever she didn't sleep in our room at night!

Mandy said...

That was so cute! I had to steal a few pictures! I am a little jealous that you got to be there for her last minutes to let her know how much she was loved!

George and Jill said...

I enjoyed seeing all the pictures of Emmie. I'm very sad for you guys. I know how hard it is to lose a dog. I'm sure it's especially hard after growing up with her for 13 years. She was a beautiful dog and had what looks to be a wonderful life.

Michael said...

The end of an era, it's sad to see her go. I'm sorry, I remember what that's like, but I think it's good you got to be there.

Karen said...

Whit .. I can't type with tears in my eyes :(
So sorry for you family ....