Monday, October 6, 2008

Summer '08 Part 1

I know that summer ended about a month and a half ago but since its been up over 100 this week and still basically summer I've decided to do a few posts of summer updates! Here is Lindsey's wedding and all the events that went along with it!

First was Lindsey's wedding. It was such a beautiful day and everything turned out perfect!

Here are a few pictures the week of Lindsey and Matthew's wedding:

Meeting Logan for the first time

At the Strawberry Days Rodeo

A day at the beach! My Aunt Marcia had a beach house the week of Lindsey and Matthew's open house here in California so after all the stress and hard work of putting together the event we got to relax and have fun down at Newport


Mandy said...

How cute! And no worries! There is plenty of stuff that I just never had time to update on! I am still deciding what I should update on!

Anonymous said...

oh, whitty!!! amazing pictures. you look so beautiful at lindz wedding. and i cannot believe mandys bump!!!! how cute!! miss you.