Friday, October 10, 2008

Summer '08 Part 3

While Mandy was here with the girls we decided to do a little train trip down to San Jaun Capistrano. It was supposed to be a quick 45 minute ride there, lunch and walking around, and then back home. It however, did not turn out that way! First we missed the train we were planning on taking when we got there and realized that you had to have your ID (who knew?) so had to drive back home to get Mandy's license. Then about 20 minutes into our train ride something happened to the brakes or something so we pulled off and were stuck for like 40 minutes!! When we finally got down to San Juan we had a quick lunch and had to get back on the train (which by that point none of us were looking forward to it!)

Trying to keep Emma and Sophie entertained while we were stuck on the train-a trip to the snack bar to get some candy seemed to work perfect!

At the Capistrano Depot waiting for our train

Waving bye to the train back at the Fullerton station after our exciting day

While everyone was home in August we got to debut the new outdoor movie screen. This thing is awesome! Its got the sound system, screen, and even a blue-ray player. Me and Ryan love watching movies outside now. Its a good thing we live in California and will be able to use this all winter!

The Trouble with Angels was our first movie screening, but we seem to pick more action films when its not my mom's choice!

After the movie, everyone was a little tired!!

Bugging Ryan because I was still wide awake

Trying to figure out how to take down the screen, we've got it figured out now though!!


At the pool...I think this was during the Olympics so we were all playing Michael Phelps!

We stayed at my aunts house for the weekend while they were gone and had lots of fun in the pool. I did not encourage this...but I am putting the pictures up so hopefully no one gets in trouble!!

Jumping off the roof

Me and Trixie at the concert in the park

Playing with our underwater camera-it works great!

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