Thursday, October 16, 2008

It Is Called A RAINforest!!

It started raining Tuesday night and basically hasn’t stopped since. We woke up Wednesday morning ready for our cruise to Tortuga Island only to get to the tour office to hear the words “Tropical Depression”. Every other tour that day had been canceled, but the captain was insisting that the rain wasn’t going to stop us. We tried to reschedule for another day, but they wouldn’t let us without charging us for the one we were canceling. So we got on the bus amid a torrential downpour for a VERY scary ride. We made it about 45 minutes into the trip and stopped for breakfast where we found out that they had indeed canceled the tour. So when we got back to the hotel we rescheduled it for Friday and are just keeping our fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate!
With a full day ahead of us, and a lot of rain we decided to head into Jaco for the day. We had a good time just walking through all the little shops checking out the souvenirs. It never stopped raining!! We walked down to the beach, which is brown right now from all the rivers flowing into it, to check it out. When the rain really picked up we stopped at a little restaurant for some lunch and watched it pour on the streets. It was a good day to spend in the city since there wasn’t much else to do!
That night we went back into Jaco for dinner and went to Aberdeen’s Steak House. It’s an Argentine restaurant but sadly they were out of beef from Argentina! We were wondering if that was the one that you had gone to Dad? It was pretty good, but I think the other beef would have been better! At dinner this guy came in and made us a Toucan out of a Palm leaf. It was pretty cool how he did it, but he was a total creeper!!
We managed to keep ourselves entertained and still had a good day despite the weather.

At the beach in Jaco

After we got back to the hotel we walked the back holes on the golf coarse to see if we could find any monkeys. Sadly we didn't, but it was awesome back there!

This morning was pretty much the same as yesterday morning. We woke up from the rain outside because it was so loud! We had been hoping that it wouldn’t be quite as bad today but that wasn’t the case! Luckily though, we had planned the only tour you can do in the rain for today. We did the Tranopy tour, which involved going up in the middle of the rainforest about 30 minutes on a tram and then zip lining back down. I was really only doing this because Ryan really wanted to, I didn’t have the best experience in Mexico so I wasn’t that excited about doing it again! Especially when I found out that the rain wasn’t dangerous at all, it just made you go faster!
The tram part was awesome, we saw monkeys swinging in the trees eating, and a Toucan on a branch, and a Sloth curled up sleeping. It was so pretty, and there were tons of waterfalls from all the rain they’ve been getting the last two days. When we got to the top I was a bit nervous, to say the least! The first one wasn’t too bad. I braked a little to hard in the beginning so I just had to pull myself a little at the end. But then the second one, which was much longer, I almost made it in and then all the sudden started flying back! I totally forgot what to do and didn’t know if I was supposed to grab in front or behind so I made it all the way back to the middle of the line! I then had to turn backwards and pull myself the rest of the way back it was quite a workout!! After that one they didn’t let me brake and had me hold onto a different spot so I wouldn’t be tempted!
After that I was good, they just would pull on the brake they had on the other end right before I got in and I didn’t have to do anything! The views while you were up there were beautiful, it was amazing how green everything was. Ryan had a great time; he curled his legs up into a ball to go faster on all of the lines! About half way through going down the zip lines the rain really pick up! And it was of coarse right before the longest and steepest line! The rain didn’t affect it though, it hit you in the face a little but if you just looked out to the sides it was perfect. When we were done we looked like we had just jumped in the pool with all of our clothes on, we were soaked! We got to walk around and look at the snakes (luckily in cages) and learn about how many poisons ones there really are here! It’s a good thing that they are so well camouflaged because I’m sure we’ve been closer than I would like to some!
It felt so good to get out of our wet clothes, but the rain still hasn’t stopped. Its definitely much lighter now and we are hoping that by tomorrow its better. One of the “Ticos” told us that it usually lasts about 48 hours and then clears up, which would be perfect for the rest of our plans! Dad- we can definitely see if you were planning on golfing and fishing the whole time why you wouldn’t want to come back again in October!

On the zip line tour

Look at me go!!

Since I couldn't get pictures to load last time here are just a few from the past couple of days...


Ryan TRYING to be sexy

Relaxing in the pool

Posing for the camera

The windows here are awesome, they are totally open.


Proof that it really was sunny!!

An Iguana on top of the pool bar, I thought you'd like this mom!


Susie said...

Looks like fun, even with the rain! I can't believe you did the zip line in the rain- no way, no how!!!

Chelsea said...

Looks fun! I love ryans sexy picture

Karen said...

You two look like you could have FUN anywhere!!
Ahhhh to be young .... and have good hair in the rain!!!