Thursday, April 15, 2010

Moving Day!!

We had a week and a half from the time we got home from New York until the movers came to pick up all of our stuff. Ryan was out of town for 5 of those days so we really only had about a week to get everything ready. Instead of just worrying about packing up our apartment and getting that ready I also decided to refinish 4 pieces of furniture and make a new headboard! (Another post on that with pictures once I get there and can take some pictures of the finished product!) Needless to say it was a very busy week but we got it all done and our stuff is in the truck headed to New York!

Ryan is in Long Island working this week so on Friday he'll go "home" to an empty apartment! We're hoping that our stuff will show up on Monday, thats when my mom and I are heading out there. So Ryan is going to try to keep himself busy this weekend by doing a little shopping to get a few necessary things like an air mattress so he has something to sleep on, and maybe even doing a little painting for me to pass the time!

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Susie said...

Hope, hope, hope your stuff is there on Monday!!!! And I REALLY hope all the paint hasn't fallen off the furniture!