Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Visiting Kat

The end of February Ryan went on a snowboarding trip with his brother and some friends to Tahoe so I headed to Oregon to visit Kat. It was such a fun weekend just hanging out and catching up. I loved Portland- the city was so different but had such a good vibe. I also got to see my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Mary while I was there, it worked out perfect that they were both in town that weekend! 


Getting attacked by Ben

Hanging out at the coffee shop

In the coffee shop they had these old library drawers that people can write notes and leave them in there. It was fun reading through a few of them!


We headed up to Seattle on Sunday and spent the day there. The two hour drive up there was absolutely beautiful! We watched the sunrise through the mountains and fog. So worth getting up at like 4:30am!!

Conversation with Michelle (Kat's roommate) and Kat before we left for Seattle:
M: "Have you ever been to Seattle?"
W: "No this is my first time to Oregon"
M: "So have you ever been to Seattle?"
W: confused by the question "No, I've never been to Oregon"
K: "Whit, Seattle is in WASHINGTON!!"

The Troll Under The Bridge 
(As seen in 10 Things I Hate About You) 

It was so neat to go see this, its just a huge troll underneath a bridge crushing a VW Beetle! It even had a heart beat...

I definitely came home and watched "10 Things I Hate About You" 
so I could see the part with the troll!!

My street

The Space Needle 

Back In Portland...

Voodoo Doughnuts 

On my last night it Portland we went downtown so Kat could take me here. Its a famous little doughnut shop with CRAZY doughnuts!! Things such as the bacon maple bar (a maple bar with bacon on it) And lots of others, many of them being inappropriate!! 

The before..Kat got the classic "Voodoo" and I went for the "Old Dirty Bastard"

The Voodoo

Doughnut with chocolate glaze and Oreo chunks then drizzled with peanut butter

So good...

"I think I'm going to die" 
And that was only after eating less than half!! It was so rich but great. But its probably the ONLY doughnut I will eat in all of 2010 so I'm glad I went for a good one!


Lindsey Pinegar said...

Finally! Okay, it would be funny if your whole Seattle in Oregon thing was your first geography mishap...but Whit, Chicago is a state, Wisconsin is a city...what are the other ones?! Ryan needs to invest in a good map! Your donut looked so good but it almost made my stomach hurt just looking at it! I want to watch 10 Things I Hate About You now! You looked so cute in your leather jacket outfit. The coffee shop library drawers thing looked so cool! I'm sure I'm missing commenting on a few things, but it's hard because I have to try to remember everything because the post disappears when I comment. Anyway, I loved the pictures, very cute!!

Lindsey Pinegar said...

I forgot two, I love the pic of you on the street with the bicycle man, that'd be cute up in your apartment and I liked the picture of you with the "Whitman" sign. At first I thought it was maybe the house from 10 Things!

Ryan & Whitney said...

Yeah I don't know what happened to me with the whole geography thing! I mean I know that Seattle is in Washington I just was not thinking about it! I thought I would be staying in Oregon the whole time!

The doughnut was so good but so gross at the same time! It was like 1 in the morning when we went and it really was just too much!

I wish we could have found the house from the movie!! We really wanted to go to the hospital from Grey's but we couldn't figure out exactly where it was and we ran out of time.

Chelsea said...

I have never been to oregon (or seatle) either! Looks like you had lots of fun, and took lots of cute pictures. I love how half way through the post your hair is different, nothing like visiting a hairdresser on vacation!

Susie said...

Is Ben a rat??? He is definitely not as cute as the minky brown rat who lived with us!!! I am very concerned about the whole state/city thing- you do know that New York is both a city AND a state???