Saturday, July 24, 2010


We continued our tour of the Dingle loop (Dingle Peninsula) at the Bee Hive huts from 2000 BC

The walk up to the huts

What is so impressive about these huts is that there is no mortar holding them together. It is just simply rocks stacked on top of one another that have stood for over 4,000 years!

Here we are inside one of the huts that is missing its roof

Such an amazing view

Just before Ryan mooned me...he wouldn’t let me post that picture though!!

Taking in all the beauty

Down the road a little bit over looking the beach

Walking up to the Gallarus Oratory

The Gallarus Oratory is an early Christian church that was built around 1,300 years ago 

Ryan acting like Vanna White

The graveyard next to the Oratory

Ryan making a total Jon face

At the ruins of the Kilmalkedar church built in the 12th century

An early Christian cross that has been made oddly proportionate due to the rising graves, kinda creepy that they're rising up!

Also in the graveyard of the Kilmalkedar church is a much older ogham stone. The stone stood here 900 years before the church and is the reason that the church was built at this location.

The stones age is unknown but centuries ago a hole was drilled into the top so people could come to seal a deal or renew your vows.

While standing on the graves of your ancestors and in front of the house of God, you swear to god by touching thumbs through this stone.

Being respectful of the dead. I was also pretty sure there was a rattle snake in there!


After finishing the Dingle loop we were off to Dublin, but not without having to ask for directions of coarse!


Chelsea said...

That stone is so cool!

Karen said...

That shoreline is just plain amazing!!!

MacLaurins said...

What a fun adventure! So many views and ancient artifacts to take in... fun fun fun!