Friday, July 23, 2010


The Dingle Peninsula is the westernmost tip of Ireland, but it was well worth the drive. The town is small but full of pubs, shops, and the hustle and bustle of the harbor. The pubs are packed at night with musicians playing traditional Irish music while the crowds drink their Guinness and sing along. Dingle feels so traditionally Irish in part because the government subsidizes the survival of the Irish culture and Gaelic. The signs are all posted first in Gaelic and then in English and you would even walk past people in the streets speaking this mostly unused language.

The stretch of beach just before entering Dingle Town

I absolutely love the patchwork look of the hills

Walking through the town after checking into our B&B

Ryan feeling the chilly waters of Dingle Bay

Out side of our B&B we had our own little farm. There were a few chickens, a goat and some sheep, but by far our favorite was the mini pony and the sheepherding dog. The dog would stalk the poor pony and then pounce at him chasing and trying to herd him; it was so funny to watch!

The Dingle Harbor

As we were walking up to the statue Fungie (the dolphin that lives in the harbor) Ryan was making fun of people for stopping a taking a picture with any statue or sculpture that they see. I then know exactly what I was going to do. I sat on his back and refused to leave until Ryan took the picture, mostly just to embarrass him!

One of the stone walls in the town

I loved the rows of brightly colored homes

We loved the architecture and feel of the small town

Pub food: Traditional Irish Stew & Potatoes…so delicious!

Listening to the traditional music in one of the pubs we checked out

Our adorable Bed & Breakfast we stayed in for two nights

At the breakfast table enjoying our view while waiting for our Irish Fry

After breakfast we headed out to drive the loop around the peninsula. It was full of beautiful views and historic sights. We started it out by hiking around the beach. Here is me loving my new 5 finger shoes Ryan got me for my birthday

Nicole gave me the GorillaPod a few Christmas’s ago and it is AMAZING!! This thing goes anywhere and can handle my big SLR which is impressive. Its sometimes hard ask people to take a picture for us because they are totally thrown off by our camera. This way, we get the shot that we want and both get to be in it! This trip it was wrapped around wooden fence posts, a cross in a graveyard, balanced on rocks, trashcans, the hood of our car, walls, and so much more.

Testing out the GorillaPod

This donkey was awesome, loudest hee-haw I’ve ever heard!

The fields next to the roads were scattered with sheep

So proud of our awesome Suzuki Splash

Breathtaking views all along the coast

We couldn’t have asked for a prettier day to enjoy the cliffs

The rest of the loop will be continued in the next post..(I had too many pictures from Dingle for one post!)


mrsashcake said...

Loving these posts!

P.S. A parent came in to pick up his kid one night at work wearing those 5 finger shoe things and it totally creeped me out! i had never seen or heard of these things and I was like what the heck! haha

NIcole Erickson said...

Wow! I love these pictures! I'm so glad the Gorillapod worked for you! It's so fun to place the stories we have heard in these pictures!

Karen said...

I am loving my trip (vicariously :) through Ireland !! That B&B is a favorite! Think I'll stay a few extra nights!

MacLaurins said...

Whit I love your posts! I'm reading them while sean and I are driving. I had to read the cow patty story outloud to him...that is hilarious and so sad all at the same time! I cant wait to see more pictures and hear more stories. I agree with Karen... I think I'll stay a few more nights too please!