Tuesday, July 27, 2010


It was a beautiful ceremony full of bagpipes, kilts, and tears

Mr. & Mrs.

The beautiful bride

Catching up with everyone I haven't seen in years

The garter & bouquet toss

Enjoying the wedding


Being taught how to dance by a "true Scotsman"
This was a workout! He was flinging me around the dance floor, but I did pick up on the dance!
Definition of a "true Scotsman": Wearing the kilt with nothin' underneath. I discovered why only women wear skirts and dresses...its just too much for guys to handle!!!

Rita and Ryan trying to figure out the dances. It was kind of the blind leading the blind! By the end of the song they almost had it down! I love the picture in the top right corner that shows them doing something totally different than everyone else!

Dancing the night away! We even tried to teach the Scot's how American's dance...line dancing!!!

We had so much fun at the wedding. The reason for the trip ended up also being the highlight of the trip! The Scottish people are so friendly and welcoming. The night was full of great food, laughs, and lots of dancing! By the end of the night Ryan and I were even partnered up doing Scottish dancing together! We were so glad to be a part of the happy couples special day!


Karen said...

That looks like absolutely so much fun! Wouldn't it be fun to experience weddings all around the world ?? I'm game if you guys are!!
Thanks for letting us "enjoy" your trip!

Chelsea said...

How fun to be able to experience such a different wedding with a friend. She looked so pretty!

Susie said...

It looked like so much fun- so glad the two of you got to experience it!!!

Susie said...

I just looked at all your posts- what a great trip!!! I especially loved the cow pattie pictures, Ryan's pictures(why no mooning picture???), and the castles!

mrsashcake said...

How fun! Rita looked beautiful!!