Monday, July 26, 2010


Inverness is in the Highlands of Scotland and is absolutely beautiful. We loved our B&B we stayed in for 3 nights, our host was so friendly and loved to talk! We were up here for my friend Rita’s wedding, which was on Friday. We were so excited to see them and go to a Scottish wedding. We got up Thursday morning and had a great breakfast before heading out for the day.
Our first stop was the Culloden Battlefield. This was where the final battle between the Jacobite Highlanders and British took place in 1746. The battle only lasted an hour but during that time 1,500 Jacobites were killed and about 50 from the British side. Because of the massive numbers they were actually all buried on the battlefield with their Clans. After this battle all Scottish culture was outlawed, no more bagpipes, kilts, clans, or tartans.

Ryan standing on the mass Clan Mackintosh grave, which is about 77 yards long

The building that was used as a hospital for the lucky few who made it out alive

The outside wall of the amazing new visitors center has 1,500 bricks jetting out as a memorial to the lives lost. At the far end there is a gap and then 50 bricks to represent those who died from the British side

Awkwardly standing with our tour guide! He kept saying that it was too hot for him to be in his full kilt and I thought he was kidding around until I realized that the Scottish people were roasting because it was "too hot" for them!

Clan MacLaren

Walking down an alley looking for an internet café

Relaxing in a throne at the haunted Tulloch Castle

Waiting for everyone else to arrive to celebrate the night before the wedding

All the girls

Strikin’ a pose

Attempting to lift Neil like the guy’s did with Rita!

Loch Ness
We headed over to Loch Ness the morning of the wedding to see for ourselves if the legend was true!
Inside the “Monster Exhibit” it was pretty funny to hear all of the stories and theories. People have spent their entire lives trying to solve the mystery!!!

The Loch Ness, even without the lour of the Loch Ness Monster it was really a beautiful place

In search of Nessie

“Oh look—there she is!!”

“I don’t know, maybe she’s out there”

I’m a believer

After our intense search we made our way back to our B&B to get ready for the wedding

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