Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Officially A Working Girl

I started my first real day of work on February 3rd and I have already learned so much. I'm really enjoying my job and I love being in the spa setting. I did have my first hairy (but not sweaty!) man the other day and luckily it was only a 25 minute massage and I made it through! I think Ryan's pretty excited that I'm finally working and it is nice to have more to do when he is gone. I'm working on getting on specialty teams right now and am hoping that I can get on deep tissue, pregnancy and and a signature burke massage called Emilee's Intrigue. I'm hoping to be able to take the classes and the tests in the next two months so that I can start doing those types of massages at work. It will be really nice to have a little more variety in my schedule since right now I can only do a few variations of the basic swedish massage. Plus once I am on three differnt teams I can start having private clients at the spa which I know a few people are really looking forward to that! I'm getting used to my new schedule and my soar forearms but I'm really loving just getting to massage all the time and of coarse the perks of working at a spa!

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