Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Brad Paisly Concert in Vegas

For Christmas Ryan got me concert tickets for Brad Paisly in Las Vegas. I was so excited because he is one of my favorite country artists and Rodney Atkins was opening up for him and me and Ryan both love his first CD. The concert was January 26th so that Saturday morning we drove out to Vegas for a really quick trip. We got to our hotel and they had messed up with our room scheduling so they "upgraded" us to a room with a view of the strip which was kinda fun to have.
I was so excited to wear my cowboy boots since it was a country concert so of coarse I had to wear them. I just didn't really think about the fact that we were in Vegas on the opposite side of the strip from the Mandalay Bay where the concert was and that we would have to walk all the way there! The concert was so good! Chuck Wicks opended first and even though we only knew the stealing cinderella song we really loved his preformance. All his songs were so good! And then Rodney was up next and I absolutely love his CD and he was so entertaining, I think I could have left after that and been totally happy with the concert! Brad Paisly was one of the best country artist that I have seen live. He is so talented! He made me want to learn how to play the guitar just so that I could get one that looked like his! It was such a fun concert and a great present from Ryan because it was a total suprise. The next morning we drove back home so it was a really quick trip but it was a lot of fun and nice to get away for the weekend expecially since Ryan had been gone the three weeks before that!

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Ashley said...

The concert sounds like so much fun. Greg and I have been to two Brad Paisley concerts... one with Sugarland and Sara Evans and another with Kelly Pickler and Taylor Swift. His concerts are always so good; he's an amazing performer. I would love to see him in Vegas though - how fun!